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"Once again, Mrs. Sinclair-Robinson has shown me why my money is well spent. The information she presents to us has made me a business owner already. I really like her teaching."
--S. Price


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Starting a business is probably one of the most important things you will ever do. What you do during the process of starting up your company will help determine your level of success. Oftentimes, you start your business without knowing all the ways it could go wrong. When you realize this, it is often too late. Your company can fail fast.

What You Must Know to Make Your Business Successful

Operating a new business requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise, and know how. Developing key business acumen - having knowledge of financial, operational, marketing, and more, is critical to financial sustainability. The ability to start, develop, and grow your company is possible. How will you make it without the necessary know-how to succeed?

Work with an expert - Business Financial Coach

Working with a small business coach can make a difference between success and failure. You will learn how to develop your business plan, build financial models including forecasting and cash flow, analyze target market, breakeven and SWOT analyses, strategies for growth, financing solutions, and much more. The opportunity to work with an experienced business coach can make the difference in how you achieve your dream of a financially successful business.

What You Can Expect

You will be supported by a Business Coach with experience in business development, entrepreneurship, business financing, credit, and much more. Joining our coaching program can make a difference between success and failure. This is what you can expect - we assist our clients with the following:

     1. Save You Time

    2. Save You Money

    3. Increase Bottom-line

    4. Strategies for Success

If you are starting or have started a business but feel overwhelmed and know you need help, then this coaching program is for you.

This coaching program will cover a range of topics impacting start-up business owners including, but not limited to:

    1.  Budgeting Strategies

    2.  Business & Financial Planning

    3.  Revenue Forecasting

    4.  Cash Flow Management

    5.  Strategies for Growth

    6.  Financing Strategies

    7.  Credit Management

    8.  And much more...

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This Start-up Financial Success Coaching Program is offered to a small number of business owners, so register early!

Start-up Business Success:
Creating A Financially Successful Business
12-Month Intensive Coaching Program

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