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By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

I’m often asked by small business owners to talk about success. They’ve expressed concern about not being able to identify what success is. Some small business owners feel they know the meaning of the word and how it applies to them. Others have stated they don’t want a certain level of success.

The concept of success does not always have a simple answer. ‘Success’ is something one should study. Why does one person ‘succeed’ more than another? How can one individual achieve so much when others struggle to make it through their circumstances?  

Small Business Success: Defining Your Success Level

When responding to questions on ‘success’, I always consider a few things first before giving my answer or feedback.  Things of consideration could be what the business owner’s first thought when they think of success or what  one thing they could think of that could equate to ‘success’ when they were growing up.

To some individuals, success might mean making a lot of money. To others, it might mean we have influence over a large audience. There are those who are afraid of success because they believe they might hurt someone they like. This fear could mean they value that person more than they value themselves. Whatever the success thought process connotates, it can be a hurdle for many to achieve.

True success is achievable when one has a level of confidence in their abilities, strong self-esteem, and a sense of self-worth. When evaluating your abilities, self-esteem and self-worth, you must be true to yourself. The skills you bring to your business, the ability to serve your clients effectively, and even the way you make others feel defines your success level.

Though many will associate success with the amount of money in their bank account, it boils down to the number of individuals you collectively, over time, have positively impacted. What one does with their business that then influences clients positively should claim their success.  When you listen to your clients and aid in improving their lives in whatever capacity you can, you should accept your success.

Whatever you consider to be a success, claim it. If you are struggling in your business and have never taken the time to realize your success, it is time to do so. Too often, business owners use only the amount of money in their bank accounts to define their success level. This monetary process could be a detriment to many. It is time to realize the value of the relationships you have built through the years.

Success is NOT only about money but how one makes a difference in people’s lives. It is how one goes after a dream that will impact others positively. It is about the longevity and sustainability of your actions that improves a client lifestyle or business.

It’s time to stop being fearful of success. It is time to claim the success you have earned. It is time to step up your game and believe in yourself and your business.  If you want to attract more quality paying clients, get better connections, and build a strong business, start today by accepting the small milestones of success you’ve accomplished.