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Consulting services

We provide growth solutions, strategic planning, business development support,  business planning, audit services along with financing solutions.

Access to capital continues to be major problem for many,  especially start-ups, struggling  small business owners and those considered to be growing to fast.

KSR offers financing solutions that are strategically aligned to fit our clients' needs. Access to capital solutions include traditional and non-traditional methods.

Did you write a business plan when you decided to start you company? Let KSR's team help you either develop a new business plan or analyze your current one for maximum potential. Get the assistance you need from experts who work in the field. Learn how to develop a comprehensive business plan you can be proud of that you can use to finance and or grow your enterprise.

Strategic Planning & Development

Learn why it is important to have a Strategic Plan and how to develop one. A strategic plan can help propel your business endeavor in areas that a traditional business plan would not be able to do Our SPD solutions includes internal and external strategies designed in three (3) phases - analysis,  development, and post phases.  We will review your current plan or work with you to develop a feasible strategic plan along with strategies for implementation.

Financing Solutions

We provide access to capital solutions by identifying best strategies to facilitate business growth or survival through traditional vs. non-traditional financing methods. Learn how to fund your business in today's tight lending market.


KSR Solutions, LLC offers consulting and coaching services to clients in need of strategies to grow their businesses. We consult with business owners who need growth and survival strategies, management consulting,  coaching, business development and more.

Business owners  seeking to grow their businesses significantly in the next 18-24 months should consider our services. Planning is a key factor to consider when starting or expanding an existing business. Get it done now!

Consulting Services Offered

New Business Development

Starting a new business takes a lot of time, focus, and a not-giving up attitude. You might be lacking in areas of basic business management, proper cash flow strategies, business acumen, effective time management, and goal setting strategies. Get a fresh perspective on moving your business in the right direction. Our start-up business packages are strategically aligned to assist new business owners reach their maximum potential.

Business  analysis & compliance

Need help to make sure your business is on the right track? Does your business have compliance issues? Want to make sure your business stays compliant and in business? Do you need to know the health of your business? KSR offers comprehensive auditing services to small business owners in the areas of financial, management, and operations.


Financial Evaluation

Let us work with you to identify key cash flow opportunities, avoid financial pitfalls, and more. Our financial assessment includes analyzing clients' past and present financial data to identify current credit-ability, develop best practices, and best opportunities to access financial liquid and capital.