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Access to capital continues to be major problem for many,  especially start-ups, struggling  small business owners and those considered to be growing to fast.

KSR offers financing solutions that are strategically aligned to fit our clients' needs. Access to capital solutions include traditional and non-traditional methods.

Business owners  seeking to grow their businesses significantly in the next 18-24 months should consider our services.

Planning is a key factor to consider when starting or expanding an existing business. Get it done now!

We provide growth solutions, strategic planning, business development support,  business planning, audit services along with financing solutions.

KSR Solutions, LLC offers consulting and coaching services to clients in need of strategies to grow their businesses.

We consult with business owners who need growth and survival strategies, management consulting,  coaching, business development and more.


Business owners seeking financial and strategic solutions to grow:

* Start-ups           * Small Businesses       * Emerging Enterprises

"The fear of success is just as debilitating as the fear of failure.

Do not let either one hold you back."

~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson


'Open for business' should be a mantra for anyone in business. You want to be a profitable business making the most of what the market has to offer. In order to stay open AND be profitable, you must access your full potential. Don't make the mistake of going it along. Get started with KSR Solutions, LLC today!

Small business success comes about when one can survive the storms of entrepreneurship. You cannot make it without strategic solutions to your financial problems. When you have cash flow issues, including payroll taxes, rent, supplier payments or taking on those contracting opportunities, it is essential to have clear solutions to growing and sustaining your business over time. Get started with KSR today!

Are you ready for a breakthrough this year? Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Does your start-up or small business need to move to the next level of success? Can you feel the success but don't know how to get there? If you are ready, you must take action today! 

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"Karlene is a knowledgeable and consummate professional. Most important, she is a caring and dedicated, empathetic leader."
~Barry Cohen, Author of Start-Up Smarts &
CEO of ADLab Media Communications, LLC

"It is not often that one comes across a person who embodies the ideal professional as thoroughly as Karlene Sinclair-Robinson. Through my work with her, I've grown to respect not only her expertise, but also her hard-driven work ethic and genuine consideration for her clients and partners....It's a joy to know and work with her!"

~Bonnie Taylor, Author - I Think I Need Marketing

Chief Marketing Strategist & Business Growth Expert

CCS Innovations, LLC

"Karlene is the best business adviser one can ask for! She is consistently positive, highly motivated, a mentor. She has an inspiring personality and an excellent writer. I highly recommend everyone to read her book, especially if you are starting a business."

~Elizabeth Christine Tavares-Joseph,JD
Owner, Adept Professional Staffing, Inc


Do you know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you have the guts to make it happen? Have you been a struggling business owner for way too long?  Have you started the journey but need a course correction in the right direction? Will your answers equate to the financial success you seek? This is the key question to ask yourself.

Success in business is critical. How does a business owner get there? How do you overcome the internal hurdles, external forces, and constant challenges from all angles? Where do you go when you must overcome these challenges?

Business is a risk. It takes time, lots of planning, risk management, money, people, and much more to truly succeed. The ability to grow and sustain any business comes with some risk. Below is a list of some the challenges we help companies overcome:

  • Cash Flow Issues and Working Capital Challenges
  • Business & Personal Credit Issues
  • Financing Issues or Limited Access to Capital
  • Business Compliance Issues
  • Growth and Sustainability Needs